Samsung Corby S3650 is Fashionable and Affordable Mobile Phone

For young people that lead an exciting life the Samsung Corby S3650 is a perfect mobile phone as it has been designed just to suit these kinds of lifestyles. It is stylish and also very affordable and the Corby has been designed to provide a very attractive look that is almost sensuous. It also has two tone diagonal contours and it boasts of a design that can best be described as curved edge.

Young users will want to connect to their favorite social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook and here the Samsung Corby S3650 will prove to be very handy as it offers excellent connectivity to ensure that they can always remain in touch with people via these sites. In fact, to assess the features that help you to connect to a social networking site it is only necessary to use a Social Networking Notification popup feature.

And, that’s not all because it is also possible to upload as well as share videos with the help of the Social Networking Notification feature.

The Corby stands out because it is superbly designed and its colors are also truly awesome and you can choose from a variety of color options including Cupid Pink and Yellow as well as Orange and then there is white as well. There is in addition pair of fashion jackets available that is uniquely patterned and these can be changed so that the set can suit different styles.

There is also 2.8 inch QVGA screen that offers outstanding video and with Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP there is much to enjoy. There is even an FM radio and a MP3 player as well as support for MicroSD Card and best of all you also get to uses a 2 megapixel camera.

The Corby is also an excellent communicator and users will be able to remain connected irrespective of location as there is outstanding Quad Band connectivity available. It is also a fully featured touch phone that is very easy to operate with most operations being very user friendly and simple to use. With the help of a few different settings it is possible to customize the Corby to suit your preferences and best of all users get access to an online library which has many unique specifications.

The set can be smartly unlocked and there is also a one finger zoom feature which is made possible by Samsungs technologies. With the one finger zoom feature it is possible to zoom in and out with help of a touch with a single finger. On the other hand with smart unlock feature it is possible to unlock the phone and use its menus by simply drawing on hot key letters that are visible on screen.

All in all, if you need an awesome mobile phone that is feature rich but very affordable then it pays to consider buying the Samsung Corby S3650 which has all this and more. It also looks very attractive and is considered the best in its class and most users that have used it for a period of time have nothing but praise for it.

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